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We are multicultural ex-pats in San Francisco working in tech. We always think innovative in a way that reshapes or makes maximum profit out of the sellers we collaborate with. Our expertise in the Business and Technology will help your business and make you more profit on your e-commerce business. 

Do you know that the returned item business reached 162 Billion dollars globally? We want to focus and expand our business on defective items resale. When we think of defective, we think that the item box is damaged - not the item itself. We see the sellers as a partner and share our profits. Let's work together and re-shape the resale industry.

This is How We Do it!

This is How We Do it!




Customer Returned Items.

We will help you to resale your return items. We know that if your item box is damaged your items going to the trash! In Addition, you have to pay a disposal fee to the e-commerce companies to trow the items that you invested in.  

Audit & Assurance

We audit the returned items, take pictures and store them for you. We will help you to start an item investigation and claim the money from the e-commerce companies or the manifacturer.


Web Platform

With the platform, you will be able to track all your return items, check your inventory, and see the status of the items resale process. 

Gurante Rate

We guarantee you the %50 percent of the item sales after all the expenses. 

Storage Support

You don't need to pay Amazon for the storage fee. We will store your item within our warehouse.



Deep Industry Knowledge

Our team is of highly skilled tech-oriented engineers and business persons.

Years of Experience

We have been in the eCommerce industry for more than 10 years.


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