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Reqora is the
Operating System
for E-commerce Returns

Sustainable Solution for your Sales Returns. Effortlessly Process Returns with

Reqora Innovative E-commerce Operating System.

How we do it?
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Reqora is trusted by these leading E-Commerce Platforms Sellers
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Manage your sales return with ease

Shaping the Future of Return Item Services

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Amazon Return Boxes
Reqora Seller Dashboard

What We Offer

We understand that returns can be a hassle, especially when the item's packaging is damaged. That's why we're here to help you resell your returned items. With our service, you can rest assured that your items will be given a second chance, and that we'll do our part to return your product cost, reduce waste and protect the environment. 

Returned Items

Audit & Assurance

We inspect, photograph, and grade returned items and keep them on our Reqora Seller Dashboard. No need to worry if an item is damaged; we'll assist you in conducting an investigation and reclaiming your funds from e-commerce companies or manufacturers.

Customer Analytics

With our Reqora Seller Dashboard, you can easily monitor all your returned items, view their status, and check their ratings and reviews. We use Machine Learning to analyze customer feedback and combine it with our item ratings to give you a deeper understanding of customer behavior towards your product.

Redeploy your workforce
Redeploy your workforce.

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Control your Returns
Control your Returns
About Us



Our Story

We are a diverse group of ex-pats living in San Francisco and working in the tech industry. We bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to help our e-commerce partners maximize their profits. Our combined expertise in business and technology makes us well-equipped to take your online business to the next level and help you see real results. 

Our Vision

Did you know that the global market for returned items is valued at 162 billion dollars? We're focusing our efforts on reselling defective items. When we think of defective, we're talking about items that may have cosmetic damage to the packaging, not the product itself. We see our sellers as partners and we're committed to sharing our profits with them. Let's work together to change the game in the resale industry.

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